Environmental and Structural Geophysical Engineering and Surveying Services

Geophysical Surveying Experts for Your Company’s Construction Project

When choosing the site for your company’s next construction project, there are many factors to consider. Turn to Nova Geophysical Services (NOVA). With us, you can devote your time to more pressing concerns. We offer professional surveying and geophysical engineering services to accurately create a map of your site’s underground utilities, saltwater intrusion, zones of mineralization, sand and gravel resources, subsurface, conditions of pavements and geologic foundations, and more. This knowledge helps you make a well-informed decision about your project.

Environmental Techniques and Quality Control

At NOVA, we utilize Sensor and Software’s, GSSI and MALA systems to provide concrete images in minutes, before cutting and drilling. We also use it for tasks such as:

  • Locating rebar, plastic, and metal conduits
  • Locating and estimating the depth of post-tension cables
  • Determining cover depth
  • Detecting deterioration
  • Discovering voids

The GPR systems are easy-to-use, portable unit that can quickly survey floors, walls, ceilings, and other hard-to-access areas. This system can accurately give results within a short time to maximize efficiency. With our professionally trained geophysicists and geologists who are using latest advanced technologies to provide most accurate and precise results in a timely manner.